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Beyond the CLE: Legal Tech Ed is Anything but Optional

In 2017, continuing education in technology will no longer be optional for lawyers in Florida.  New changes just went into effect requiring training in technology as part of the Minimum Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Standards.
The modification “requires attorneys to complete 33 hours of CLE over a three-year period, with […]

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Your Firm 2020: The Essential Triad in Legal Technology

By the year 2020 smart machines and legal process outsourcing (LPO) will “radically disrupt” the legal profession.
That was the prediction first put forth by market research firm Gartner, Inc. in a 2014 report called Legal IT Scenario, 2020.  The project examined four possible, perhaps even controversial, scenarios affecting the […]

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Can Technology Make Your Firm More Client-Centric?

Several years ago, an article in the ABA’s Law Practice Today asked us to imagine a global industry managed by “part-time leaders with minimal business training.”
The business ran for decades on the same model, with few coherent strategies for growth, marketing or pricing. Executives were asked to wear many […]

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