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How to Put Mobility to Work for Law Firms

As the digital age came about, a combination of computer technology and intellectual prowess turned mountains of paper into digital files. Fast forward 20 or 30 years and law firms are now sitting on mountains of data, but most aren’t using this data to the best of its ability.

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5 Reasons Why Midsized Law Firms Are Moving to the Cloud

For some people, being the “first” at anything can be a scary proposition. According to Everett Rogers’ Law of Diffusion of Innovation, “early adopters” are those who don’t necessarily want to be the first, but are willing to embrace something new and begin to use it after the innovators have paved the way.

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Improve WIP-to-Cash

What would an additional two percent of profit do for your law firm? What would two percent more, added to the bottom line, mean for profits per partner, or bonuses to the associates and other law firm staff? What effect would that have on law firm morale, culture, talent acquisition – and even momentum in a highly competitive environment?

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