Shepherd And Wedderburn: Merging Data In Record Time

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Shepherd And Wedderburn: Merging Data In Record Time


When leading UK law firm Shepherd and Wedderburn acquired a long- established Scottish law practice in October 2014, it had to act quickly to migrate huge volumes of client and matter data, along with related matters from the newly acquired business.

Shepherd and Wedderburn knew immediately its first priority was continuity of service to clients. The key to success, from both a reputation and financial perspective, was providing seamless support to clients engaged in ongoing matters. That meant a focus on transferring work-in-progress (WIP) information promptly so that current matters could be managed from within Shepherd and Wedderburn.


Shepherd and Wedderburn contacted Aderant with a request to help with the migration of key client, matter and WIP data. Both firms use the Aderant Expert, so intimate knowledge of the underlying practice management systems wasn’t an issue. The project required a deep blend of service skills: business consultancy to determine all the necessary requirements, technical guidance on the optimal approach, data conversion and technical services to perform the actual merger of the targeted data and project management to ensure coordinated on-time delivery.

Key to the project’s success was that the Aderant Professional Services team worked closely with Shepherd and Wedderburn to ensure everyone clearly understood the data and data structures. The tight collaboration enabled the two teams to quickly investigate the quantity and quality of data that needed migrated, then address how best to map the data into the combined environment. Maintaining the firm’s well-defined data architecture was of utmost importance, so the emphasis was not only on ensuring the accuracy of the data, but also verifying proper functionality within existing structures and reporting post-conversion.

Just a few days into the project, Aderant held an initial mapping meeting, and a mere 10 business days later, a merged database was delivered to Shepherd and Wedderburn for testing. From start to finish, Aderant completed this complex project in three weeks. Thanks to the skills of both the firm’s IT team and Aderant’s Professional Services experts, along with a close collaborative process, Shepherd and Wedderburn successfully navigated a critical first step in ensuring minimal business disruptions.

In Their Words

“The Aderant Professional Services team was great. We were a little bit concerned about the tight time frame, and that Aderant might not have enough resources available. But Aderant did a terrific job, including providing resources all hours of the day during the migration process. The consultants were very knowledgeable, they had a very clear understanding of the application and knew all the pitfalls that were involved in this sort of project.”

— Steve Dalgleish, Systems Development Manager, Shepherd and Wedderburn

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