The New Law Firm Search Paradigm

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The New Law Firm Search Paradigm

By Glenn LaForce, Vice President, Knowledge Management, Aderant

Law firms that can reveal hidden knowledge assets regardless of their location or data complexity will gain a competitive advantage.

In this evolving data- and knowledge driven business environment, law firms are struggling to balance long-standing cultural and “business as usual” norms with changing client expectations and demands.

To meet the challenge of these changing expectations, progressive law firms are leveraging existing technologies through new best practices and processes to create efficiencies that drive profitability, predictability of fees and a more comprehensive and analytical view of the business. New roles focused on lean, high quality project management within the practice are emerging and ‘traditional’ functions such as knowledge management (KM) are being redefined and reimagined in mind-boggling ways, all focused on improved client service. Standalone search tools are now evolving into universal search platforms to broaden data access and the law firm KM toolkit has expanded to include enterprise search, experience and expertise location and client-facing collaborative tools, to name just a few.


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