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Aderant Expert is legal practice management software technology, specifically designed to meet allthe needs of mid to large law firms. The all-inclusive solution features global financial management, case and matter management, time and billing, e-billing, practice tools, and business intelligence analytics.

No other platform presents outside counsel rules and guidelines (OCGs) throughout the platform – on desktop, laptop or tablet.

  • Global Financial Management
  • Financial Reporting
  • Budgeting
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • General Ledger
  • Time Management & Found Time
  • Billing
  • Pricing & Legal Project Management
  • Workflow & Taskflow
  • Practice Tools
  • Case Management
  • Records Management
  • Expert Assistant Professional
  • Business Intelligence
  • Profitability Analytics
  • Expense Management
  • New Business Intake
  • Conflicts
  • Collections
  • Imaging

Transform Your Firm

Aderant Expert legal software is not just an accounting system; it’s a transformational solution that streamlines processes, improves operational efficiencies, shortens WIP to cash, and ultimately helps you run a better and more profitable business. Enabling mobility and an agile culture within your firm, Expert gives you complete control of every aspect of the business of law anywhere in real-time.

EA Pro
  • Financial
  • Time & Expenses
  • Billing
  • Practice Management
  • Framework & Security
  • Business Intelligence/LPM

Control Over Firm Operations

Tight financial management is vital to the success of any firm. Expert’s powerful accounting functionality allows the CFO to sleep well at night knowing there is visibility and complete control over financial operations. Expert streamlines and automates the budgeting and forecasting process, helping firms develop and achieve their financial goals.

  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Trust Management

Cash Management

Manage all bank-related activity, including cash, checks, bank account balances and reconciliation. The single interface enables the ability to instantly review transactions, see summary information, and drill down for additional details.

  • Bank Account Balances
  • Single, Easy Interface
  • Transaction Details

Financial Reporting

Automate the generation, formatting and distribution of book-quality financial statements. Generate customizable data reports in useful formats that show summary and drill down details and trends. Configure alerts to trigger when results deviate from budgeting and forecasting.

  • Financial Statements
  • Alerts
  • Customizable Reports

Time Management

Time literally is money at your firm. Capturing and recording time has never been easier with Aderant Expert. Desktop timers can be started, paused and submitted quickly and seamlessly, and alternative views allow timekeepers to review, edit, release and post time entries.

  • Accurate, Prompt Capture
  • Personalized Views
  • Reviewable and Editable

Keeping Time On-The-Go

Allow your timekeepers and fee earners to capture their time on mobile devices, even when offline without internet access. Full or limited information can be entered, such as matter, narrative and hours, before subsequent review, editing and posting.

  • Mobility Enables Agility
  • Capture Anytime, Anywhere

Expense Management

Say goodbye to those wrinkly, misshapen folds of paper receipts. Aderant Expert Expenses provides a convenient way to enter and track expense claims, even when offline with mobile capture feature. Expenses supports billable, non-billable and personal receipts, all of which are validated before an embedded approval workflow begins.

  • Convenience and Ease
  • Capture While On-The-Go
  • Compliance with Firm and Client Rules

Don’t Lose Time; Find Time

Time leakage is pervasive, with inefficiencies and inaccuracies entrenched into common time capture methods. Faulty memories or relying on others to enter time can also result in errors and significant time loss. Expert Found Time easily meshes with everyday work habits of fee earners, helping them reconstruct each day by tracking interactions with select systems, including email, phone, document management and Microsoft Office.

  • Identify Potentially Billable Time
  • Track Fee Earner Interactions with Key Systems
  • Easy Review, Conversion and Reconciliation

Comprehensive, Fully Featured Billing System

Designed to accommodate all the various invoicing requirements, Expert Billing introduces a number of innovations into the billing process. Both centralized and decentralized billing teams benefit from streamlining and automating the business flow for the billing team, billing partners, legal assistants, e-billing coordinators and anyone else involved in the process.

  • Shorten WIP Lifecycle
  • Reduce Write-offs and Bad Debt
  • Minimize Administrative Overhead
  • Supports Multiple Rate Types

Shorten WIP-to-Cash Cycle

Streamlined prebill review and editing capabilities are baked into the solution. E-billing management views provide better visibility and tracking throughout the client acceptance and payment processes. Embedded workflows and scheduling of prebills based on firm or client-defined rules introduce automation into various aspects of the WIP-to-Cash cycle.

  • Automation of Workflow
  • Streamlined Prebill Review and Editing
  • Visibility Throughout Billing Cycle

Improve Accuracy of Bills

Billing guideline management provides a consistent approach to transforming client agreements into a structured set of categories and rules to be automatically evaluated. Prebills and matters with rule alerts are immediately visible for review, adjustment or edit, and can be overridden as applicable. Rules can be related to fees, disbursements, billing, fee arrangements and more.

  • Structured Rules Automation
  • Rules Alerts
  • Review, Adjust and Edit Immediately

Paperless and On-the-Go Billing

Fee earners and their assistants can interactively review and markup their prebills in real time, and immediately see the resulting impact of edits made. The connectivity with the Aderant Expert database allows for real-time information delivery. One-time data entry saves time and reduces errors. Ability to access on a tablet device from home, while traveling or on vacation, adds value to Paperless Billing by making editing and approval a simple and effortless task from anywhere, anytime.

  • Interactive Review and Markup
  • Real-time Delivery of Information
  • Mobility Enables Agility

Expert Assistant Professional

Expert Assistant Professional, or “EA Pro” consolidates an agile professional’s day into an intuitive, mobile-enabled experience. Cutting through all the clutter and streamlining work into a customizable, self-service dashboard, EA Pro simplifies all critical information, actions and applications that require review and attention. EA Pro is available as a mobile application for smartphones and tablets.

  • Key Entry Point for All Aderant Apps
  • Customizable Dashboard Tiles, Including 3rd Party Apps
  • Alerts and Action Items
  • Quick Inquiry Drill Down

It’s All About the Workflow

From new employee intake to new matter intake, Aderant Expert is specifically designed to handle the business side of the practice. Streamline and automate key business processes with intuitive tools to build, review, test and deploy workflow across the firm. Added flexibility and customization furthers the development and integrates with other systems to significantly enhance functionality.

  • Streamline and Automate Key Processes
  • Customize to Your Needs
  • Integrate Workflows with Other System

Faster WIP to Cash

WIP Aware provides managers, supervisors and timekeepers with details of WIP and AR associated with clients, matters, fee earners or offices. Real-time updates show helpful details of alerts, accounts receivable totals, billing dates, fees and disbursement amounts. Initiate pre-bill workflow and other relevant actions anytime, anywhere.

  • Real-time Status of all WIP and AR
  • Actionable Alerts
  • Transparency with Clients

Enhance Client Service and Transparency

Expert Inquiries enables your fee earners with real-time mobile access to key data insights, from summary to transactional levels, relevant to their clients and matters. With the same user experience on desktop, laptop or tablet, fee earners can provide data for items such as WIP, accounts receivable, time, disbursements, receipts and bills.

  • Mobile, Real-Time Access to Information
  • Faster Response to Client Inquiries
  • Better Client Service

The Foundation For Success

The Expert architecture gives your firm complete control of its systems and benefit from new technology without having to replace or radically change your existing business system infrastructure, or undergo difficult system conversions. The Expert framework is easy to use, offers significant scope for completely tailored support of existing processes, integrates with existing systems, and delivers a robust, secure and trusted foundation.

  • Provides Complete Control of Your Systems
  • Built With Industry-Standard Technologies from Microsoft®
  • Seamless Integration With Existing Systems

Data Managed Within the Core Database

The comprehensive array of all your inter-related data is accessed and maintained within a single, high-performance database:

  • Firm Management – tracks companies, departments, locations, profit centers and projects
  • People Management – tracks employees, staff groups, rates, time, approvals and billing
  • Client Management – tracks addresses, contacts, billing details, fee rates and relationships
  • Matter Management – tracks time, fee rates, parties, status, constraints and relationships
  • Single High-Performance Database
  • Track Firm, People, Clients and Matters

Operational Aspects of the Core Database

Ease-of-use and seamless integration are vital to the user experience of Aderant Expert. In addition to the data housed within the core database, functionality includes operational aspects:

  • Security – controls authorized access and ensures integrity of the firm’s data and matter records
  • Integrations – works with other systems to import and export valuable data
  • Adaptions – ensures personalization and customization adheres to firm requirements
  • Usability – enables access for applications which offer a modern, intuitive user experience
  • Seamless Integration of Systems
  • Positive User Experience
  • Increased User Adoption

Safe and Secure

Aderant stays on the cutting edge of industry standards to ensure the safety and security of your most confidential and private information. Our team works directly with yours to install the operational and technical requirements necessary for complete security of your most-trusted data.

  • Industry Standard Security
  • Protection of Your Private and Confidential Information


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Business Intelligence for decisioning and action


Plan, Price, Monitor, Act
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