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Complete financial management

An integrated legal software solution that is future-proof, scalable and innovative

Aderant Expert is a comprehensive suite of integrated legal software applications that helps law and professional services firms better serve their clients, manage their operations and maximize their profitability. It is the solution of choice for nearly 500 leading firms around the world, including 32% of the Am Law 200.

Specifically designed to meet the needs of mid-sized to very large firms, Aderant Expert gives firms a flexible foundation for their future, enabling them to quickly adapt to changing business conditions, new business imperatives and evolving legal software technology. Its integrated, modular nature allows firms to easily add new functionality as their business needs grow.

Building on a robust framework developed using the latest Microsoft technologies, Aderant Expert leverages industry standards to provide powerful functionality, reliability and scalability for even the most complex global firms. Aderant Expert delivers robust features developed by collaborating closely with clients to meet their specific needs for increased performance, productivity and efficiency.


Time & Billing

Quickly capture time and expenses

Time is literally money for law and professional services firms. Aderant Expert legal software streamlines the billing process, helping firms quickly convert billable time into revenues and profits. The solution quickly captures both time and expenses and enables firms to easily create customized bills, including eBills, which meet the unique needs of their clients.


Practice Management

Manage client & matter-related activities

Outstanding service is the key to happy clients and a healthy bottom line. The Aderant Expert legal software solution gives partners and attorneys powerful tools to manage client- and matter-related activities and information. By reducing risk and increasing professional productivity, Aderant helps firms improve client satisfaction and maximize profitability.








Financial Management

Gain control over firm operations

Tight financial management is critical to the success of any firm. Aderant Expert’s powerful accounting functionality helps firms gain visibility into – and control over – their financial operations. Designed for the needs of both mid-sized regional firms and large global operations, this legal software increases information visibility and improves cash flow. Aderant Expert streamlines and automates the budgeting and forecasting process, helping firms to develop – and achieve – their business plans.


Business Intelligence

Instant access to critical financial and operations data

Law firm leaders need timely access to accurate information. Through role-based, SharePoint dashboards, Aderant Expert legal software provides partners, attorneys, and finance professionals with instant access to the critical financial and operations data they need to better understand their business. Its powerful inquiry, reporting, and analysis functionality improves decision-making and increases profitability. The solution also analyzes firm-wide performance metrics in interactive dashboards, ensuring that firms have the information they need to meet their profitability goals.




Matter Planning & Monitoring

New clients and matters are the lifeblood of any law firm. Unless handled properly, however, new business can expose firms to needless risk and costly overhead. Aderant Expert legal software streamlines the intake of new business by helping firms promote their business, intelligently price new matters, conduct comprehensive conflict searches, and automate file openings.







Expert Framework

Expert Framework, Aderant Expert’s legal software architecture, enables firms to continually benefit from new functionality and technology without having to replace their existing business system infrastructure. Built with industry-standard technologies from Microsoft, it provides firms with a proven, open, and future-proofed foundation for their technology investments.

The Foundation for Success

New legal software technology can have a tremendously positive impact on a firm’s performance. It can also be highly disruptive.

To buffer our clients from the disruptive effects of new technology, Aderant developed a flexible technology foundation for Aderant Expert – Expert Framework. Expert Framework leverages standards based technologies from trusted technology leaders such as Microsoft to enable our clients to have complete control on extending their Expert product investment and progressively have access to – and benefit from – new technologies; without requiring radical changes to their existing infrastructure or undergoing painful system conversions.

Optimizing Access to Unified Data

While firms run on accurate, up-to-date information, gathering, managing, and accessing that data can be challenging. Expert Framework legal software uses cutting edge technology in SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008 R2 to organize and deliver both transactional write optimized as well as reporting and analytical read optimized data.

Write optimized systems utilize the best normalized relational database in the industry, while our highly customizable cube technology leads the way in how to efficiently deliver information to the people who need it.

Additionally, the Service Oriented Architecture delivers open and event based interfaces allowing firms to easily integrate their own data capture, integration, or extraction requirements.

Easy to Use and Deploy

Firm professionals want legal software solutions that are easy to use, while IT personnel want applications that are easy to deploy and manage.

Expert Framework uses an industry-standard, XAML-based user interface model to help firms accomplish both objectives. A set of tools tightly linked in Windows Server 2008 R2 AppFabric capability provides a seamless means to administer desktops and all servers/services.

Customize and Extend

Firms typically configure their legal software systems to optimize their business or gain competitive advantage. This may be through effective coordination of discreet systems or through the customization of the Aderant Expert data, services, or user interface.

For integration, Expert Framework’s managed service-oriented environment shares reusable Aderant Expert application components to provide a common and reliable way of coordinating their systems.

For data, business logic, and the user interface, Expert Framework provides simple wizards that allow the easy extension of the database, the services, and the business rules, while also enabling firms to modify or even create new user screens that can be seamlessly integrated into core or new applications and requirements, all based on the latest Microsoft .NET 4 capabilities.

Streamline and Automate

More and more firms are implementing workflow legal software to streamline and automate key business processes. These technologies, however, are often complex and difficult to implement.

Aderant is taking a different approach to workflow, allowing firms to use existing solutions integrated or enhanced using Expert Framework’s carefully enhanced implementation of the Microsoft .NET 4 Windows Workflow Foundation development tools. The latest release introduces even more capabilities for the workflow process and administration, leveraging significant development by both Microsoft and Aderant in this very strategic technology.


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