Shared Energy: Momentum 2014 Reflections

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Shared Energy: Momentum 2014 Reflections

As one of the newer members of the Aderant family, last week I attended my first Momentum user conference—and absolutely loved it! The location was beautiful, the weather perfect, and the food delicious. And those things weren’t even close to the best part of Momentum—the people.

After returning from Miami, I made a list of the top-five things that stood out to me the most about the conference.

  1. I LOVED the energy! It was awesome to see how excited you all are about all of the cool things going on at Aderant. Being able to share the news of our acquisition of Redwood Analytics with you first only served as icing on the cake.
  2. There is a huge amount of knowledge in the Aderant community. All the feedback we received on the conference and on our products was invaluable. Moreover, the amount of industry knowledge shared through the networking at Momentum was special. I’ve been in the legal market for over 20 years and still learned a great deal through the interactions with everyone at the conference.
  3. You’re really interested in learning more about what Aderant offers! It probably sounds trivial, but that’s actually a big deal. I had several customers come up to me asking where they could demo certain products and where they could join the conversation about some upcoming solutions. Your enthusiasm proves that we are on the right track and only pushes us harder to make sure we offer the best-in-class solution.
  4. Our people work very hard to deliver a great experience to our attendees and exhibitors. I was proud of the team I serve. It was as close to a “family” setting as you can have in a conference environment. I hope everyone came away understanding how important they are to the Aderant team.
  5. And finally, I think we succeeded in sharing our vision for the future, not just short term, but the picture of long term success for us and for you, our clients. We are very ambitious, and are excited about the road ahead.

What did you take away from Momentum? What did you like or dislike? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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