The 10 Most Viewed Business of Law Blog Posts on the Aderant Think Tank in 2018

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The 10 Most Viewed Business of Law Blog Posts on the Aderant Think Tank in 2018

by Stephanie Erbesfield, Marketing Content and Research Manager, Aderant

Time entry, status quo, and lateral hiring were among the topics that drew the most readers in 2018. Those are all long-standing concerns in the business of law, though we always strive to examine these topics in new ways.

Still, newer trends also attracted considerable interest. Big ideas on law firm innovation, cloud, and the seeming revival in demand for legal services were among the hottest topics on the Think Tank throughout the last 12 months.

That’s according to an analysis of the most viewed posts as measured by reader clicks. We thought it worthwhile to share with our community where readers of the Think Tank spent the most time. Below are the top 10 most viewed business of law posts in order of precedence.

1) Why Time Entry is So Hard and What Law Firms Can Do About It

The answer stems from the fact lawyers work on multiple matters often for multiple clients on any given day. It’s time-consuming and challenging to reconstruct what they worked on at the end of a long day. Therefore, they delay the task until they have time to focus and think it over carefully, which may well compound the problem. This post examines the issue and offers some tech tips for addressing the problem.

2) 7 Trends in Cloud Technology Law Firms Need to Know

Moving to a cloud environment has not been a sudden change but has rather unfolded in small incremental steps over the last few years.  That’s according to a panel of experts we put together for a webinar titled Cloud Technology for Law Firms – Ready or Not Here it Comes. This post highlights the key trends at a glance – and a recording of the webinar is still available for viewing.

3) What Does a “Dashboard” Really Mean for a Law Firm?

When law firms struggle with dashboards, it usually isn’t because the content of the dashboard isn’t useful or valuable, but rather the content doesn’t meet the needs of the user at that moment in time. This post describes how to avoid that by focusing on one of the two primary flavors of law firm dashboards.

4) Highly Successful Law Firm KM Projects Focus on Revenue and Efficiency

Knowledge management (KM) projects that are most successful tend to help their firm solve the top challenges currently facing law firms: pricing pressure and operational efficiency. More importantly, lawyers in those firms that use the KM system tend to have higher realization and profitability. This post describes three general perspectives for initiating law firm KM projects for this purpose.

5) 13 Big Ideas on Law Firm Innovation and Legal Tech from Business of Law Professionals

We record the panel discussions from our annual Momentum conference on video – and the sometimes slice up the best parts into short-form videos. This post showcases some of the most interesting ideas on legal tech and law firm innovation – and in the words of business of law professionals in the field.

6) Effects and Examples of Status Quo Thinking in Law Firms

Humans are programmed to resist changing the way we do things until the impetus for change is sufficiently attractive. The problem is “sufficiently attractive” is an exceedingly high standard to overcome. This is because we have instincts to preserve the status quo even when the “current path is no longer beneficial.” By the time things do appear sufficiently attractive, it’s too late. This post identifies three examples of status quo thinking in law firms – and links to 10 more.

7) The Secret to Lateral Hiring Success in Law Firms Rests in Preparation

Research shows lateral hiring remains a key strategy of law firm growth year after year – yet the results often far short of the goals. This post identifies five different types of analysis law firms can perform – before even making a lateral offer – that will help drive better results from lateral hires.

8) 12 Questions on the Cloud We Hear from Law Firms Other than Security

The cloud community has gone a long way toward alleviating law firm concerns for security. As such, many firms are recognizing the real potential of the cloud and are asking other questions. We’ve developed a list of 12 of the most frequently asked questions and answered them over the course of a two-part post. The link above has the first part and here’s is Part 2.

9) Cliff Notes to Five Business of Law Surveys for Busy Law Firm Professionals

Surveys provide perspective at scale. It’s the idea that ten perspectives on a topic are better than one and a hundred perspectives are better than ten. We pour over many surveys in the legal industry, and we occasionally summarize the findings from a handful we find especially interesting and think will interest our community.

10) The Four Levels of Law Firm Business Intelligence Savvy and How to Improve Yours

There are four levels of sophistication in law firm business intelligence – descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive. This post shows you how to identify your law firm’s level and then improve its use of BI to drive profitable growth.

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Thank you for reading, and we look forward to seeing you here in 2019.

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