Technology Vendors vs. Technology Partners

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Technology Vendors vs. Technology Partners

One of the questions that CIOs, CFOs, and managing partners ask me is: “What should I look for in a technology vendor?”

My answer is always the same: “Find a partner, not a vendor.

A vendor somehow manages to oversimplify or overcomplicate an issue and operates at a distance. Conversely, a partner will always try to resolve issues, make your working life easier, and find simple solutions to complex problems. As the proverb goes, “If something sounds too good to be true, then it most likely is.”

Given that finding the right practice management system is an issue currently facing most of you in this time of unprecedented change within the legal industry, Aderant has created some resources to help you find the solution that works best for your firm.

We recently sent out a brand new white paper titled Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Practice Management System that should help prompt some of the critical questions that you’ll need to ask companies in order to identify the best partner for your firm. Here’s an infographic giving you a rundown of the white paper.

Click here to download your own copy!

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