Aderant VP Talks Legal Software Solutions

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Aderant VP Talks Legal Software Solutions

Big Law Business: How are you seeing law firms adopt business management software?

Barry: Right now, law firms tend to piecemeal these business management technologies together without a cohesive plan of how it all fits together, which leads to incompatible or inefficient measurements of core business functions and makes it nearly impossible to make sense of and effectively use their data.

One of the things Aderant has focused on is building its systems with the thought of them interacting together. We are tying each piece together through workflows and other mechanisms so firms can track the different aspects of their business towards a common goal. We’ve also assembled a Business of Law team that assists firms in designing a tailored, comprehensive plan to measure their performance toward long-term strategic goals. Without an overall well-defined and accepted plan, technology adoption is close to impossible.

Big Law Business: How have cloud and big data changed practice management?

Barry: Firms are realizing that the ability to mine information from prior work is key to making better decisions in the future. Other industries have really latched on to the big data trend, but legal has been slower to adopt as firms are very hesitant to share information. But I see this field moving forward far more quickly than anything else, thanks to advances in technology and cybersecurity and as outside influences on law firms continues to grow.

Cloud technology is making a few inroads around the fringes of the legal vertical. Because law firms are very risk averse, there is some trepidation as the cloud is still viewed as new technology with several types of risk associated with it. I do believe that over the next 10 years the cloud will have a more significant impact, especially as firms realize the opportunity the cloud provides. We are seeing few firms ready to commit to a more aggressive adoption until some of their data concerns are flushed out, costs are more controllable, and the path is cleared to handling some of the inter-system integration and operational complexities their in-house systems are dependent upon.

Big Law Business: How do you see law firms addressing cybersecurity?

Barry: I’ve seen several firms hiring outside consultants to address cybersecurity concerns, while others have beefed up their internal auditing staff. There is a definite concern around data being stored on devices that are outside tight company control. Mobile device management (MDM) providers are positioned well to help manage this concern, but device security itself is still difficult to control. A CIO’s worst nightmare is to see their firm’s name in the headlines because of a security breach. I think a lot more will be done in this field, as legal is a very private, risk adverse industry.

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