The Status Quo Paradox

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The Status Quo Paradox

By Eric-Jan van Alten, sales director, EMEA, Aderant

The 2018 Aderant Business of law and legal technology survey finds that over half (57%) of business services roles feel “better” – some “much better” – about their law firms than they did just 12 months earlier. It’s undisputed good news – especially as just 36% said the same back in 2017. However, firms that are finding conditions more favourable mustn’t risk relaxing into uncompetitive complacency.

Inaction now may cost them, says Eric-Jan van Alten, EMEA sales director at Aderant. “Many firms find themselves at a crossroads today. They’ve already seen a lot of change pushed onto them. Now they need to decide whether to press ahead with further transformation in different respects – to push past the status quo. Those that don’t may be at risk.”


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