Employee Spotlight: Alex Compton


Employee Spotlight: Alex Compton

Alex Compton, one of Aderant’s technical solutions managers, and his wife Holly are the founders of Amor Real Ministries , to fulfill the calling of 1 Corinthians 13: to exhibit true love in every endeavor and in every relationship through their ministry in Lima, Peru.

The foundation of Amor Real Ministries began in 2004 when Alex and Holly ventured as an engaged couple on their first mission trip to Peru. Hosting several women’s conferences, their team leader, Patricia “Pat” Wautlet, a compassionate and bold speaker, met women night after night who said they were being abused physically, mentally and sexually. It became her vision to build a shelter for abused women and their children there in the city of San Juan de Lurigancho. Sadly, Wautlet passed away shortly before the home was opened in 2006. Following in her idealistic footsteps, Alex and Holly moved to Peru in 2007 and took up her calling.

“We lived as missionaries, helping to run ‘Pat’s Place,’ teaching English, running a girl’s orphanage, and building a medical clinic and church,” recalls Alex. “Our passion throughout the years has grown tremendously as we have been able to help many women and children get out of their abusive situations. For us, this is an amazing accomplishment. We watch broken families (women and kids) come in the door, but after a short time, they walk out whole and healthy with a new outlook on life, and the ability to provide for their children. Our passion and love for them is what makes what we do possible.”

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