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Legal Project Management

Improve Profitability with Aderant MatterWorks

Aderant Legal Project Management software MatterWorks helps law firms quickly get to the heart of the matter: improved pricing and profitability.

By applying decades of experience working with law firms around the world, MatterWorks simplifies planning and forecasting, enabling proactive legal process management.


Aderant MatterWorks – Monitor

Better Matter Monitoring with MatterWorks

MatterWorks provides valuable insights into the progress of matters, letting firms effectively compare work-in-progress to forecasts.

This enables proactive course corrections, client transparency and increased realization rates.



Once matters have been estimated and priced and the work started, it’s imperative that firms closely monitor actual time spent on tasks compared to estimations. This helps to ensure that invested hours don’t drift too far from estimates, thereby turning a potentially profitable engagement into a money-losing one.

MatterWorks delivers the ability for firms to identify the core components most important to their business and report based on these on the state of any particular matter based on performance against budget. The ability to identify Matters that are at risk or require monitoring allows the Matter Management to be far more proactive, focusing on those Matter most in need of attention.

The ability to set up Groups and automatically update the core Group with Matters as Matters are created and linked to Budgets, delivers the key matter personnel with insight into the Matters they are managing and gain an overall view how how their Group Portfolio is performing. From here individual Matters can be directly drilled into and further insights garnered based on the metrics monitored within each Matter which will include such metrics as:

  • Revenue
  • Hours
  • Cost
  • Margin ($ and %)
  • Leverage
  • Profit per Partner
  • Revenue per Lawyer
  • Disbursement

MatterWorks facilitates this by providing simple access to real time information on fees and disbursements by phase and by task. It also provides the insight to identify where more expensive resources have been used and where costs have been incurred outside of the planned phase or task.

All of this provides firms with the ability to assess work-to-date profitability and to identify potential issues as early as possible by delivering three separate views of the Matter, namely:

  • Full View – showing where the Actuals are against the full Budget
  • Current View – showing how the firm is performing based on Actuals vs Budget as at today
  • Gantt View – showing the performance against the Matter, Phase, Task and resource as calculated within the Gantt view

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Aderant MatterWorks

Better Matter Monitoring with MatterWorks

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Aderant MatterWorks
Improve Profitability with Aderant MatterWorks.

“We can keep clients fully informed, flag up any issues early and make more accurate projections of cost.”

Paul Colvin, CFO, Bird & Bird

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