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Case Management

Centralize all your case information, documents, financials and contacts. Streamline tasks, document drafting and team management. Do it all on-the-go with a single, customizable, comprehensive case management system.


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Expert Case

The Next Evolution of Case Management


By allowing you to fully configure and customize the system to work the way you work, Expert Case promotes operational efficiency and streamlines legal service delivery through four key areas.




Access all your case information from anywhere

Expert Case is fully web-enabled, thin client application that utilizes HTML5 technology to deliver all your case information and management tools through your preferred web browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari). The intuitive design and navigation were created to be touch friendly and optimized for tablet devices. This ensures that there is a lower need for change management and higher rate of user adoption.



Centralize case information and improve team collaboration

Expert Case centralizes all your case and financial information in one system, including documents, contacts, appointments, tasks, court filings, discovery, parties, issues and more. This:

  • Improves tracking and visibility of all of your important case information;
  • Reduces the risk of missing an important date or piece of relevant information;
  • Streamlines operational processes.

Expert Case simplifies matter team management with task assignment/escalation and systematic decision making to trigger tasks or automated actions. This means you have improved visibility into your matter team with real time updates of task status, overdue work, approvals, documents and financial details.



Automating practice areas increases efficiency and mitigates risk

Expert Case streamlines processes with automated Taskflows that allow you to build out repeatable processes one time instead of continually reinventing the wheel. These can be created by the users themselves and do not require IT or services.

Expert Case also includes integrated document assembly that automatically picks up and embeds relevant case information into your documents. This means the only thing you need to do when you draft documents is review them.

You’re able to provide more accurate and individualized service to your client by keeping track of important billing requirements, tasks and requisite reports through the use of our Client Service Legal Agreement (SLA) tool. This ensures that you’re complying with your client’s requests and delivering the utmost service.



Software that works the way you work

Expert Case is highly configurable to the unique needs of your firm, practice group or user. You can configure and adapt your task flows, document assembly or areas of law to fit your needs without the need for professional services or IT. So when you want to build out a new Taskflow, your paralegals and power users will be able to build those out and customize them to your liking without any assistance.

Expert Case also allows firms to capture any firm of client specific information not available in the core product using our Smartform technology and our adaptable menu structures.


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Expert Case

The Next Evolution of Case Management


Task Management

  • View and assign case or personal related tasks
  • Tasks and appointments visible
  • Link case related documents
  • User notifications of upcoming tasks

Document Assembly

  • Templates created for efficient drafting of documents
  • Pull in any related case information
  • Works closely with Taskflows
  • Word add-in to create templates
  • Simplified setup screens for configuration
  • Utilize DocuDraft engine


  • Templates of tasks for repeatable processes
  • Triggered on different case events
  • Staff assigned automatically to tasks
  • Calculates due dates
  • Set up scenarios with multiple outcomes
  • Link to document templates generate documents
  • Email notifications sent upon completion of tasks
  • Escalations and reassignment of incomplete tasks
  • Link time entries to specific tasks to generate time

Full-featured Mobile Application

  • Tablet/Mobile Design
  • Designed for touch
  • Same user experience from tablet or desktop
  • All main functionality is available to the user
  • Intuitive design to reduce training and increase adoption
  • Multi-office for access from remote office locations

Case/Personal Dashboard

  • View key information related to the case
  • View key personal information across all cases
  • Security provided for sensitive information
  • Customization available at the user level

Client Service Level Agreement (SLA) Management

  • Manage client specific:
    • General client information
    • Guidelines
    • Documents
    • Taskflows
    • Reports
  • Accessible from any matter


  • View and schedule all case and personal related appointments
  • Reporting and notification on upcoming dates
  • View availability of other team members
  • Attach case documents
  • Set up appointment recurrences
  • Link over to other case information screens


  • Visibility of case related parties
  • Party wizard with conflict of interest checks
  • Relational party view
  • Track other important case related information
    • Witnesses
    • CC List
    • Service info


  • Track all of the firm’s contacts
  • Duplicate checks to prevent incorrect entries
  • Forms and available tabs based on assigned Name Class
  • Multiple/company level addresses
  • Track employment, outstanding records request and authorization documents

Document Management

  • Complete document management system
    • Check in\Check out
    • Versions to track changes
    • Full text document searches
    • Audit document activities and changes
  • Integration with Outlook and Office
  • Drag and drop import
  • Edit multiple

Outlook/Exchange Calendar Integration

  • Bi-directional synchronization with Expert Case Management
  • Hosted Exchange integration
  • Attach case documents
  • Select case parties
  • Hyperlink directly back to the case from Outlook

Office Integration

  • Add documents directly from Word, Excel & PowerPoint
  • Open documents directly from MS Office
  • Hyperlink directly back to a case from MS Office
  • User prompts and time tracking prevents lost time
  • Send documents as an attachment or body of an associated email

Outlook Mail Integration

  • Associate directly from Outlook
  • Add case documents as an attachment
  • Access case party information
  • User prompts and time tracking
  • Hyperlink directly back to the case


Expert Case

The Next Evolution of Case Management


Streamline Processes: Define key business processes to streamline
the work output and deliver better efficiencies, automate document
delivery through document template production, and deliver a single
location for work product.


Reduce Risk: Track and report on key dates to help prevent missed
deadlines, enable access to all key data to ensure better collaboration
and knowledge within the team.


Enhance Client Service and Transparency: Deliver key client-facing
reports, ensure full knowledge of the case specific details, and capture
key information about client contacts. Track and maintain client
agreement or guideline details and rules pertaining to case work,
billing, rates and more.


Access Anywhere: Fully web enabled allowing intuitive, convenient
access while on the go from mobile devices (i.e. tablets). Enables
professionals full access to the core case details no matter where
they are located. Consistent user interface and experience from either
desktop or tablet devices.


Single Location of Data: Integrate case data with financials, remove
the need for integrations and ensure that there is “one version of the
truth”. Delivers access to all key work product. Provides integrations
with core 3rd party systems such as Document Management Systems
and Microsoft Office products.


Team Collaboration: Improves tracking and visibility of information,
parties, tasks, key dates and more, across the matter team; Improved
matter management with real time update of status, overdue work,
documents and financial details.


Automate Practice Areas: Increase team throughput with structured,
standardized information capture, Taskflows and document templates;
Improved efficiencies with automated document assembly, task
assignment/escalation and systematic decision making to trigger tasks
or automated actions; Automatic time capture with embedded tracking
throughout Expert Case Management.


Increased Competitive Advantage: Improved efficiencies and better
productivity results in increased matter profitability. Centrally tracking
and managing case work allows for detailed analysis of work processes
which can be used to establish and promote competitive pricing


Enhanced Analysis and Auditability: Electronic tracking of historical
actions and events on a matter provides tools to evaluate issues or
bottlenecks within a law type business process. Allows the firm to
adjust the process, changed assigned resources, or take corrective
action as needed. Embedded taskflows throughout the application
ensure adherence to firm and client policies or rules.


Minimize Implementation Cost/Time/Skill: Set of out of the box
taskflows and forms for firms to utilize as a starting point for their
law types. Microsoft Word addin for simplified document template
creation, intuitive configuration of additional law types, menu items,
screens and more.


Improve Firm Profitability: Consistent, standardized and automated
approaches to managing work product reduces costs, allowing for
additional workloads. User prompted automated time tracking
reduces potentially lost time.

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Expert Case

The Next Evolution of Case Management


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Expert Case

The Next Evolution of Case Management


Aderant White Paper

Efficiency is the Future of Law: the New Role of Modern Comprehensive Case Management Technology in Competitive and Profitable Law Firms

Demand has dropped, budgets are scrutinized carefully, and new or alternative service providers have entered the market. As a result, the legal landscape has never been more intense and law firms have never had to compete so hard for business.

At the same time, corporate clients are demanding greater efficiency, transparency and predictability into the legal work they send to law firms. In-house counsel wants to be better informed, more involved, and today, also has to prove to their business partners, they are delivering the best legal outcome at the best price.

These factors are prompting leading law firms to find the ways and means to drive new operational efficiencies. Moreover, market research suggests that these law firms are increasingly turning to new case management technology to support process improvement and gains in efficiency.

At a high level, the rationale that makes case management an ideal place for process improvement is twofold. First, new advances in technology have integrated financial data with case management data to provide a single source of truth. Second, case management is at the very center of everything a law firm does to deliver legal value for clients.

This paper will examine the catalysts for greater efficiency in law firms and explore in depth how case management technology supports this effort.

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Aderant Expert Case
All-in-one, comprehensive case and financial management system

About Aderant

Aderant, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia is a global industry leader in providing comprehensive business management software for law firms and professional services organizations. Aderant is a market leader in technology solutions for practice and financial management, business intelligence, matter planning, calendaring and docketing. Aderant is an established and trusted partner due to its versatile and innovative technology solutions, superior customer support, and reliable implementation process. Aderant operates as a unit of Roper Technologies, a constituent of the S&P 500®, Fortune 1000® and the Russell 1000® indices.

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