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Legal malpractice exposure from calendar-related errors is a significant risk for every lawyer and every firm. You can greatly reduce that risk with Aderant CompuLaw, the most powerful and widely used legal calendaring system available today. CompuLaw enables users to automatically schedule critical dates in accordance with court rules applicable to their case. The actual rules of court and court holidays are built into the legal software, eliminating error-prone and time-consuming manual calculations.

 * Only available in North America.


CompuLaw Vision

Bring Clarity to Your Calendaring Processes

CompuLaw Vision provides a better way to meet critical deadlines, mitigating lawsuit risk and delivering substantial time savings.


Calendar Errors Create Risk

Calendar-related errors are one of the leading causes of legal malpractice lawsuits. Some of the most frequent issues include:

  • Incorrect calculations. Manual miscounting. Incorrect time units, court days or calendar days. Not accounting for holidays.
  • Rules issues. Lack of awareness of all rules pertinent to a date calculation. Using out-of-date rules. Internal timeline templates that may not be accurate or updated.
  • Miscommunication of deadlines. Relevant attorneys aren’t notified of new or changed deadlines. Workflow is not in place to ensure compliance with calendaring procedures. New calendar requests are missed or incorrectly routed. Calendar information is not in a format useful to the attorney.


A Comprehensive Calendaring Solution

At the heart of CompuLaw is our Vision software, which brings together critical calendaring technologies, databases and know-how. Components include an intuitive user interface, multiple workflow tools and the industry’s most robust rules database.

The result is a seamless calendaring solution that enables firms to automatically schedule critical dates in accordance with their local court rules. Specific court rules and holidays are built in, eliminating error-prone and time-consuming manual calculations.


ROI Time Savings

In addition to protecting against lawsuits, and their high cost both in money and reputation, CompuLaw delivers a great return on investment for firms in terms of time savings. Attorneys and other timekeepers spend less time on:

  • Determining required rules books/sources.
  • Obtaining rules through online searches and library requests.
  • Researching applicability of rules.
  • Researching holidays, which may vary by jurisdiction.
  • Calculating/counting dates.

With CompuLaw, tasks that normally might take several minutes up to an hour or more can be accomplished almost immediately. Over the course of a year, that adds up to substantial time savings – and it frees up fee earners for income-producing activities.

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CompuLaw Vision

Bring Clarity to Your Calendaring Processes


Key Features

CompuLaw is a feature-rich solution for meeting critical deadlines:

  • Web-based front-end that delivers real-time case information to attorneys via web browser or tablet.
  • Rules-based calendaring with numerous timesaving data entry shortcuts, detailed data validation tables, automatic reminders, and rules-specific screens.
  • Tracking of cases with court data to provide notice of actions and direct importing of data.
  • Automatic processing of court electronic filing receipts, including automatic downloading of court documents.
  • Integration with Document Management Systems, users’ Microsoft Exchange accounts and Microsoft SharePoint.


CompuLaw Vision

Bring Clarity to Your Calendaring Processes



CompuLaw Vision provides law firms with an automated calendaring solution that delivers compelling benefits:

  • Ensure accuracy of deadlines with rules-based date calculations that mitigate the risk of missed deadlines and lawsuits.
  • Improve workflow and firm-wide communications with a feature-rich automated solution.
  • Save thousands of hours a year by eliminating manual, time-consuming date calculations.
  • Protect business continuity by treating calendar information like other important firm data – stored centrally and backed up.

See in Action

CompuLaw Vision

Bring Clarity to Your Calendaring Processes

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CompuLaw Vision

Bring Clarity to Your Calendaring Processes


Case Studies

DLA Piper: Legal Calendar Software Case Study

DLA Piper was created when 3 law firms merged for business reasons, resulting in major management challenges. Pre-merger, the firms used different procedures and legal software. They opted for CompuLaw Vision due to its intuitive and customizable nature. It also offered a centralized database that could be accessed by the company’s U.S. offices. In addition, the solution easily integrated with DLA Piper’s existing software, namely Microsoft Outlook, Elite and Autonomy’s Interwoven line.



Aderant CompuLaw
The #1 name in rules-based calendaring.

“Start with CompuLaw and stay with it. Other systems can be difficult and time consuming to manage, but with CompuLaw, I have time to breathe and our users and attorneys are happy!”


Alex Nyirendah, Network Manager, Archer Norris

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