Aderant Total Office

Formerly Client Profiles

Practice and legal case management software

A legal case management software* built to fit your needs.

Total Office (formerly Client Profiles) legal case management, is a single solution specially designed for law offices. Whether you are a high volume litigation law firm, business transaction practice, corporate legal department, insurance company, or government entity, this legal software is built to fit your needs and improve organizational performance.

Total Office is a case management solution that will work for every lawyer in your legal organization. Your law firm may establish views, information, and workflow tuned to the diverse legal needs of your office community. Total Office allows different users, departments and offices to configure the software to their specific needs. Each of your staff members and office professionals will feel as if the firm acquired a solution just for them and the specific case on which they are currently working.

 * Only available in North America.

Legal Case Management Software

Practice/Case Management

One of the most significant technological challenges faced by today’s law practices is the implementation of the right mix of case management functionality for a diverse group of legal professionals and firm sizes. Aderant Total Office overcomes this very challenge.

Total Office utilizes Microsoft’s rock solid framework, which allows users to function both within our case management software environment as well as Microsoft Office. Case management functionality is embedded within Microsoft Office and can link your staff directly to detailed case information without having to manually switch programs. Designed to increase your office’s productivity and profitability, Total Office enables users to better perform their jobs and meet client demands. It puts all of your firm’s contacts, appointments, e-mails, and documents at your fingertips.  It also gives you the ability to create reports that can be sent to clients, management, and staff. In short, the software represents the most complete and comprehensive case management application available in the market place. With Total Office, you are better prepared to make well-informed decisions for your law organization and clients.


Document Management

Aderant Total Office includes a fully featured legal document management system. Each document, e-mail, and image stored in Total Office is profiled using preselected criteria for all your document retrievals. All case-related information is organized by document type, sub-type, version, practice group, and user-defined fields. The document library can be searched by any of these fields, as well as by date of production and by incoming or outgoing documents. Total Office also has an integrated full text indexing system that allows you to search based on specific words or phrases. You can also take advantage of Boolean search logic.

The document management module manages virtually all types of documents, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, e-mail, and OCR PDF files. Tightly integrated with document management and To Do management modules, the document assembly system allows you to generate documents based on a set of pre-configured Microsoft Word templates. This sophisticated module gives you the ability to automatically create documents by pulling data from the case information database, pulling the merge document from the pre-defined modules, loading Microsoft Word, storing the document in the specified case file, launching the specified follow-up To Do item(s), and generating a time entry (if desired). The document management system is also accessible within the financial management system.

Plaintiff Accounting

Aderant Total Office Plaintiff Suite’s legal software design has been guided by the experience gained from hundreds of Plaintiff law firm implementations. The singular system efficiently integrates both case management and financial management. So you can eliminate duplicate work while gaining the benefits of increased user acceptance, improved office productivity, and true management reporting across all areas of the firm.

Total Office has a standardized plaintiff firm setup based on the legal industry’s best practices. You can fully customize Total Office as needed, using our global administrative options, to fit your unique requirements. The system’s administrative tools allows you to establish views, information, and business logic tuned to the diverse needs of your office.

Microsoft Integration

Aderant Total Office is legal software built to run on the latest Microsoft technology standards. It works as an add-in application to Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint—the same programs you use every day. As a result, you enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that it is a system that is supported by the power and stability associated with a renowned industry-standard technology brand. Our add-ins allows you to open, search, save new documents, new versions, and merge data.

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