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Grow your legal business and drive profits with a marketing, business development and client care system

More than ever, legal professionals are expected to engage not only in the practice of law, but also the business of law and the efforts that help them win and retain clients.

Aderant CRM4Legal for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a legal software system designed to provide your lawyers with the marketing, business development, and client care tools necessary to grow your business and drive profits, while improving client satisfaction.

CRM4Legal provides all of the tools and capabilities needed to create and easily maintain a clear picture of client relationships from first contact through business development activities and long-term relationship-building efforts. With modules for marketing communications, sponsorships and events, opportunity tracking, referral, experience, and matter tracking, CRM4Legal delivers a fast, affordable solution that drives measurable improvements in every business process. It enables closer relationships with clients and helps your firm achieve new levels of success and profitability.

CRM4Legal provides everyone in your law firm a complete view of your relationship networks, prospects, and clients directly from Microsoft Outlook, providing a familiar and intuitive work environment that encourages user adoption and productivity. More importantly, as it is developed by Aderant, it looks, feels, and performs like it was built for the legal professional.

CRM4Legal for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a complete client relationship management solution that works the way your law firm already does. It’s built directly into Microsoft Office and Outlook, providing a familiar and intuitive work environment that fosters user adoption and productivity. Everyone in your firm can use CRM4Legal to help develop new business and contribute to the marketing effort.

The result: Your firm will change the way it thinks about CRM, without having to change the way it already works.

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Marketing Communications

Legal software that enhances your marketing efforts

Marketing programs are vital to your overall legal business development effort. Initiatives such as newsletters, client events, media relations, and sponsorships are designed to highlight a law firm’s talent and expertise and identify new prospects and opportunities. The ability to connect these initiatives and expenditures to actual revenue opportunities and matters is the essence of CRM4Legal’s “closed-loop marketing” philosophy.

By ensuring that your campaigns and other marketing initiatives are tracked, linked, and profiled in a consistent format, your law firm can measure data such as:

  • Number of prospects or expressions of interest produced
  • Number of new opportunities
  • Matters and revenue produced from these opportunities
  • Cost per prospect or opportunity

As a marketer, with this information you can plan, forecast, and target your audiences more successfully. This information also helps your legal marketing team and law firm management assess the effectiveness of your overall marketing initiatives and design campaigns—so you can produce better results with future efforts.

Business Development

The right legal software to manage your business development

For business development managers, practice managers, lawyers, and partners, CRM4Legal provides insight into the deal pipeline, including the ability to track referrals, new business opportunities, success ratios, revenue forecasts, and other important business development information. This data is available at a client, individual, and practice group level so that performance can be measured throughout the firm. These business development efforts are enhanced through Microsoft Outlook integration, allowing for one-click e-mail, appointment, and task tracking features. Integration with a firm’s time and billing system will also provide valuable data that business development professionals require to craft effective new business initiatives.


Relationship Intelligence

Support and strengthen your legal data effortlessly

A typical CRM solution provides access to companies, contacts, clients, owners, and mailing lists. CRM4Legal, instead, builds on the basic CRM functionality to provide additional modules and features specific to a law firm. Here are a few of the legal specific features added to CRM4Legal:

Relationship Analytics with CRM4Legal

  • 360° View of Entities
  • Matters
  • Relationships
  • Lawyers
  • Key Client Teams
  • Practice Areas
  • Offices
  • Referrals
  • Opportunities
  • Experience

Importing Contacts

Initial mass import, duplicate detection, and relationship creation from Outlook contacts

The most important assets in any CRM system are the contact and client records as well as the relationships supporting them.  This information can reside in a number of places, but Outlook Contacts remains the most valuable source of current contact data in most law firms.  CRM4Legal includes a tool designed specifically to enable the initial mass import, duplicate detection, and relationship creation from Outlook contacts into CRM4Legal.  Robust and flexible data quality management and data review tools allow you to review and incorporate data from various lawyers’ Outlook records into the public CRM as well as selectively monitor changes and take appropriate action on those changes.


Data Integration

Efficiently integrate your legal data

The core component of a successful CRM implementation is the ability to integrate with other core applications to facilitate the capture of valuable contact and relationship data, and further the “enter once, use many times” philosophy.

CRM4Legal is designed with an external data integration module (DataPoint) that integrates with other core applications like time and billing, case management, conflict of interest and HR. It also works with other external third-party data sources that warehouse data elements critical to targeting the CRM contact database for marketing and prospecting business development efforts.

Traditionally, information requests would normally require several calls to accounting, recruiting, or HR to comply with simple internal requests, or to address more complex needs from clients or prospects. With DataPoint integration, these requests can be satisfied using a simple advanced find query within CRM4Legal. Typical data elements integrated include, but are not limited to the following:

From Accounting/Practice Management Applications

  • Historical billing/collections
  • Originating/billing/responsible/working lawyer
  • Practice area/area of law
  • Matter information
  • Related party data

From HR Databases

  • Education, Bar memberships, accreditations
  • Other HR related information (languages, educational background, etc.)

From Proposal Automation Applications

  • Historical proposal activity
  • Connection to the final proposal
  • Integration with tracking proposal wins/losses to effectively capture ROI

From Third-Party Information Warehouses

  • Company and contact profiles
  • Industry segmentation
  • Corporate information, geographic, and demographic data
  • Other key contact data elements

In addition, the CRM4Legal DataPoint simplifies data loading into CRM4Legal by utilizing the power of our proprietary data migration tools with the Microsoft Web Services API. Key features include: assignment of primary ID and default field values, validation of input data, automatic population of summary and join tables, and support for custom entities, attributes, and relationships.

Web and Mobile Access

Legal software that keeps your lawyers mobile

CRM4Legal Web lets you easily perform your client management, business development, and other service activities like working with legal clients, matters and marketing. Although there are two interfaces available, they both use web forms to access related records to provide a consistent look and feel regardless of the interface used. A third interface, for Mobile Express, increases user productivity by allowing lawyers to use CRM4Legal instantly, from any smartphone or tablet.

CRM4Legal’s Mobile Access enables law firms to increase the productivity of their mobile users by allowing them to use CRM4Legal instantly, anywhere—at home, on the road, or in the courtroom.

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CRM is one of the most challenging shared data systems to maintain data for as it often involves many individual users in the data collection and modification process.

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