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Five Questions with Aderant President Deane Price

Law Firms, Legal Tech and Remaining Curious: Five Questions with Aderant President Deane Price
The legal industry is in a period of evolution.  While we’re not going back to the pre-recession days of annual rate hikes – this isn’t the new normal either. The business of law will continue […]

Will the Cloud Ever Take Hold in Large Law?

What role will the cloud have in the law firm technology stack of the future? It’s a challenging question to answer because the legal community is divided on the benefits and drawbacks of the cloud. What one law firm sees as a benefit, another cites as a risk.
Security is […]

Navigating the Complexity of Billing Guidelines

The purpose of outside counsel guidelines, or billing guidelines, ought to be to strengthen the relationships between corporate counsel and law firms.  Such guidelines are intended to be a level set that establishes an agreement between client and service provider for legal value – the best possible outcome at […]

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Beyond the CLE: Legal Tech Ed is Anything but Optional

In 2017, continuing education in technology will no longer be optional for lawyers in Florida.  New changes just went into effect requiring training in technology as part of the Minimum Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Standards.
The modification “requires attorneys to complete 33 hours of CLE over a three-year period, with […]